malta-button1The venues at Lake Malta are often selected by organisers of cultural events due to their proximity to the oldest parts of the city. Concerts and theatrical shows take place under the grandstand, near the finish line. Near this place, winter sports enthusiasts can indulge in their passion on the Malta Ski year-round ski slope.

In 2011, on the other side of the lake an enormous sports complex called the Maltese Baths was completed, in which you can find an Olympic swimming pool and many other attractions. Lake Malta also has a very long and interesting history. The lake was named after the Order of Malta. It is found on the lands which once belonged to the church of St. John of Jerusalem, which also housed a commandery of the Order.

The artificial lake was formed in 1952 as the result of damming the river Cybina. The lake and its surroundings took their final shape in the 1980s. It was then that a thorough renovation of this beautiful part of the city took place.

Today, Lake Malta is the pride of Poznań, and it has marked its presence on the sports and cultural map of the world.